Advent 2013

I would say that this advent season should be quite memorable, but acknowledging my ever-worsening recollection of daily life, I’d have to qualify that statement.  Here is a list of our activities for the logbooks:

1.  We kicked it off with putting up our tree:  a dandy $39 jobber from Wal-Mart with twinkly multicolored lights.  We gave it a cowboy theme with glass cowboy ornaments, burlap garland, white burlap poinsettias (for Mommy), and some Monster Truck ornaments.

2.  We received in the mail a package from Paula which contained an advent calendar, The Nutcracker by Susan Jeffers, and some lovely size 4 clothes for if I ever lose that baby weight.  Thanks, P!  Freddie and I have enjoyed the calendar and both boys love The Nutcracker.  I have noticed the boys are fascinated with toy soldiers and nutcrackers right now.  P.S.  Mama loves Susan Jeffers.

3.  We have watched two Veggie Tales Christmas movies, It’s a Meaningful Life and Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas, which we own.  We’ve also watched many John Wayne movies, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Jamesie loves “Larry Coo-pum-pum.”  I love hearing him say so.

4.  We made sugar cookies, then commenced eating two and a half dozen of them in about two days.  Then I wrote out a game plan to meet all our nutritional requirements.  So as not to totally fail.  First time I’ve bought salmon in a year probably.

5.  We had the biggest snowstorm I can remember in a long time!  We got almost a foot of snow.  We’ve been snowed in since last weekend!  Of course Alex, the all-terrain vehicle, could make it out even if no one else could.  Even if it meant getting stuck on an icy bridge, walking our long, up-hill driveway in a foot of snow wearing suit pants and dress shoes.  Then driving a tractor in the snow for about an hour to blade off the driveway. 

6.  Hot cocoa.  Homemade.  With mini-marshmallows.

7.  We read the Christmas story parts in Freddie’s children’s Bible.

8.  Daddy has read The Grinch several times.

9.  James’s birthday party!!!  A blast–Cowboy themed, he enjoyed it immensely.  He loved his presents:  a shotgun and Chuggington birthday card (Mama and Daddy), a horse, truck, and trailer (from Giggie), a truck, trailer, motorbikes, and drill, and singing birthday cowboy hamster card (Grandparents Ruegg), and a castle with soldiers and knight paraphernalia (Mommaw Judy and Papa Shelb), Don’t Break the Ice and Fishing Games (Aunt Tammy, Miranda, and Hayden).  He also has thoroughly enjoyed the most exquisite tricycle I’ve ever seen, a blue chrome Schwinn from Munka John and Aunt Tammy who also brought a BIKE for Freddie and beautiful, personalized outfits for Amy to wear on Christmas and her birthday, and an owl hat.  Aaaand The Night Before Christmas read in their own voices.  I need to break that out tonight. 

10.  We’re a little puny.  So far, since Thanksgiving, we’ve endured a stomach bug and at least one bad cold, which most of us still have, but seems to be resolving.

11.  We played out in the snow a couple times.  I’m hoping they recuperate enough to have a great weekend out in the snow with Mommaw and Papa.

12.  We ate out at Tequila’s last night.  While not Christmas-y, it was the first time we’ve been out of the house in quite a while!!!

In schoolwork, we have discovered that James is ready for Starfall with the letters and Freddie is starting the beginning reading one.  We’ve also been watching The Magic Schoolbus on Netflix, which is so good for science.

Amy is having some constipation issues, but we seem to be resolving it somewhat with corn syrup and water.  She went today.

I have learned a very simple, very good recipe for marinated chicken breasts, I’ll post it on here.


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