The REAL Reason I Don’t Use Birth Control

This is not intended as a finger-pointing, one-size-fits-all post. This is simply my kooky little answer to a commonly-posed question, “Are you finished yet?” This sort of interrogation frequently begins when I am seen anywhere with my three little stair-steps. In person, it’s usually, “Ya done yet?” accompanied with a knowing grin, or a haughty “I think two children is more than enough for anyone,” with eyes rolling the second I turn my head. The latter was most memorably executed by the nursery keeper in a big, conservative Baptist church in my small town. The same people who say they don’t believe anything unless its in the KJV. In which it says,

“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” Psalm 127:3

Did you see that movie by M. Night Shyalaman called Signs? Well, young Abigail Breslin’s character had a knack (some might call it a weakness) for distinguishing whether water was old or new or something, anyway the girl left half empty glasses of water around everywhere in the house she shared with her father and brother(s?). (And I do mean everywhere–like 10 on the mantel.) Any Type A parent (or even Type B) would have come unglued on little sis and insisted, after expounding on how perniciously inconsiderate she was for trashing the house like this and what might happen in an earthquake, that she learn to pick up after her troubling skank self.

What happens next is hard to believe. SPOILER ALERT: Go watch Signs now before reading the end because I’m about to totally spoil the beautiful ending. Let me add this for the folks that haven’t seen it and won’t: The underlying theme of this movie is that the father, Mel Gibson’s character, has lost his faith in God after the tragic loss of his wife. Then aliens come. Then the family is saved in the final showdown by the fact that the little girl had all those dad-blamed glasses of water lyin’ around. Dad’s faith restored, God works in mysterious ways. People are often poor judges of what they actually need.

Now. I do realize that this was just a MOVIE that someone made up out of their imagination. However. It illustrates perfectly my strong suspicion that I may cut miracles out of my life by following the laws of nature (don’t overpopulate), economics (how are you going to send them all to college), or just the prevailing opinion (omg-kids drive me cray-cray).

So I’ve always tended to follow the path of love, faith, and miracles, possibly because an angel kissed me when I was about 7 or 8. The laws of nature can be harsh and scary (as can religion, obviously), so I do realize what I’m risking. The truth is at this point, we can feed them all and love them all. Three kids may not seem like many to the Duggars, but it’s enough to make me do some soul searching, and that’s what I’ve come up with.

Like little Abigail Breslin’s character, I don’t know the significance behind everything I do, but I do it with hopes of love, faith, and miracles.


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